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This unique type of personal reading incorporates ancient and modern symbols as well as spiritual intuition, as Linda Carter Backes interprets the karmic patterns, subconsciousness stirrings and Divine Guidance for your life's journey.

Discover the karmic patterns and blockages that may be hindering you from experiencing the joyful life you desire.

Chart your reading on a calendar to record the upcoming energies coming your way.

Readings are provided in person in Charlotte or via telephone. Recordings available for nominal fee.



Akashic Impressions, founded by Marcy Badertscher, provides assistance to individuals through personalized Akashic Records readings, training and certification classes, educational presentations and writings, and public speaking engagements. Marcy is a certified Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner and Advanced Certified Teacher through the Center for Akashic Studies, founded by Linda Howe, best selling and award winning author of "How to Read the Akashic Records" ,  "Healing With the Akashic Records", and "Discover Your Soul's Path Through the Akashic Records".

Charlotte North Carolina,

Ann Carter is a remarkable Psychic Medium for over 10 years and now is a certified Reiki Master.  Ann will connect with client's angels and spirit guides who stand ready to offer spiritual guidance and direction.

Known for her incredible connection with the spirit world, Ann can give you clarity on your past life so you can learn your lessons and move on, also your present and future with details you need.

Ann also has been able to help earth-bound spirits to cross over.  She can see energy, spirits and auras, hear her spirit guides very clear.  You will discover your own strengths and feel confirmation of the message. 

Simply put, Ann Carter is amazing.  Her purpose is the help others on their path to personal awakening.



Jamie is a Shamanka and of Cherokee descent. She has had the opportunity to be in ceremony with and learn from many teachers, healers, shamans, elders and medicine people. Through these interactions, Jamie has discovered and developed her intuitive skills and has become a leader in many ceremonies including sweat lodges, fire-keeping, drum building/birthing, readings, house blessings, energy clearings and much more.

Jamie has been given the gift of a unique reading which she calls "Medicine Wheel Readings". During a session, Jamietravels the Medicine Wheel for you and intuits what Spirit brings forth for each direction, how it fits into your life and what role it plays in YOUR Medicine Wheel of Life.
There are 3 levels of readings;
3 position (Above, Below & Within) - this reading last about 20 minutes
5 position (East, South, West, North & Within) - this reading lasts about 45 minutes
7 position (East, South, West, North, Above, Below & Within) - this reading lasts about 1 hour
After this one-on-one intuitive session with Jamie you will walk away with a better understanding of how a medicine wheel plays a huge part in your day to day life and how those of the spirit world have much to teach. Jamie looks forward to meeting with each of you and sharing what Spirit gives her.

Please contact Jamie for availability and rates.


Freedom Drive
Paw Creek
Charlotte North Carolina, 28214


Jane Hennessy, MSA, CPFT, Reiki Master, Medium and Certified Angel Card Reader


As God's messengers, Angels are eager to deliver guidance, insight, and hope to those who ask.

Are you ready to connect?

An intuitive reading with Jane Hennessy helps you bridge to the Divine through the messages delivered by Angelic, and spirit guide connections.  Through these messages, you may gain greater insights, guidance, clarity and understanding needed to joyfully release limiting beliefs.

Depending on client needs, readings my last from 15 minutes to an hour or more.  Private sessions are offered for individuals, and Jane is additionally available for individual readings at group events.


704 287 6721

Whether tapping into the tools of Tarot, (see description under Tarot), Crystals, Pendulums, or CryPenKi Energy Work, (see description under Energy Healer), Karen's unique readings will help you cut through the fog and focus on the information your guides are trying to deliver to you. 

By appointment only at 704-771-9571. Prices available on request.

Charlotte North Carolina,

In Divine time....

  • Certified Angel Card Reader
  • Medium
  • Reconnective Healing practitioner
  • Spiritual Artist

Kim is a certified Angel Card reader who studied under Doreen Virtue a renowned worldwide author. In each one of her sessions, Kim will connect with the angels & spirit who lovingly assist in providing clear insightful information about all aspects of your life. Whether you are asking about your life purpose, relationships, or health issues, Kim along with the angels & spirit will have the answers you are seeking.

Kim is a Spiritual Artist. In each one of her sessions, she taps into your energy and gets a vision of your guide.Then she requests the guides to come in & actually sit and pose for her while she creates an illustration of them. Sometimes messages are transpired during this process. A connection can be made via skype, telephone or in person.

Samples of the artwork can be found at: www.indivinetime.com.  

And you can find me on facebook at my page "In Divine Time" (or you can link to: www.facebook.com/Earthangel4440)


Contact me for info
Charlotte North Carolina, 28025

Linda Thunberg, is a Natural Intuit and Channel of Spirit. She has natural gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Linda uses her innate ability to see or hear messages for you and feels your life's energy. She may bring you a message from a loved one on the other side or connect you to your spirit guides to help answer questions about your past, present, or future. She may use her Native American Medicine Cards or her Angel Oracle Cards in your reading. Readings can be done in person, over the phone, or with Face Time.

Locations include: Charlotte, Lake Norman, Wilmington and Virtual


1 855-772-0459

I am a Futurist. AfterI connecting with your "Spiritual Crew", I'll check in with your energy and clairvoyantly see optional paths for your future. Then, you'll receive supportive advice including tasks that will help you attract what you desire.
Memberships include: The American Tarot Association, Tarot Professionals; The International School of Clairvoyance and Tarosophist International. I have been published by Oracles & Augeries - (the worlds leading tarot magazine) and appeared in Curve Magazine due to  the accuracy of my readings.


United States
Matthews North Carolina, 28105

Rev. Jennifer Williams is guided by three spirit guides (her Angels) that have been with her since birth. These guides guide her to give messages by the rhythm of your voice. It is through hearing your voice that her spiritual connection with you begins.  Rev. Jennifer’s strong bond with her guides provides the opening she needs to communicate with your spirit guides freely. Rev. Jennifer is a gifted psychic medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentience, spiritual consultant and intuitive counselor that is able to read the Tarot, lay her hands for healing and interpret your inner most dreams.

Born and raised in the Bronx, NY by Puerto Rican parents, Rev. Jennifer revealed her psychic abilities at a very young age. Since she was not sure about her gift and was afraid of it at first, very few family members knew about it, but those who knew were simply blown away, with the information she would provide them as it was impossible for her to know this information. In her early years she even kept her gift a secret from her friends and not even her childhood best friend knew. She tried to maintain a normal childhood as she possibly could. When she was 16 years old Rev. Jennifer embraced her gifts after meeting and forming a lasting bond with another psychic medium, who taught Rev. Jennifer that she should be proud of her gifts that God had handed her and share it with everyone she knew. It was then when she became fascinated with the spiritual world and embarked on her journey to learn about the various religions and the metaphysical world and on becoming who she is today.

Rev. Jennifer became an ordained Minister in 2008 and for the last 20 years she has been sharing her gifts with many clients from all over the world.  Rev. Jennifer’s talents don’t stop there; she also has over 15 years of experience in website, graphics design and marketing (which she offers under Spiritual Being Website Design).

Rev. Jennifer Williams conducts her sessions via, phone, online or in her Marshville, NC office. She is available for Parties (business or personal) and media appearances.

It is Rev. Jennifer Williams intention to leave you feeling empowered, inspired and having greater clarity as a result of your time together.

All services are by appointment only!

4513 Canal Road
Marshville North Carolina, 28103